The 1 hour long Quad biking  Trek experience starts with a full safety briefing and training session with your own instructor, teaching you how to ride and control the Quad safely. As soon as riders have completed their training successfully the trek will begin.  our instructor will stay with your group, giving all riders personal guidance and help with riding the quad bike or segway to it’s full potential. Riders will be fully supervised at all times. This is a Quad Trek experience not a Race!


Challenge your riding skills and take part in the QuadTrek  Liverpool Rding the awesome automatic KYMCO  150cc quad bikes through undiscovered tracks and trails in over 120 acres of open grass  hills  and woodland.No1 Quad Trekking day out!
Maximum number of participants in a single trek is 6 riders.

To book a date ring 07484083820 £10.00 dep  each when booking

Quad biking southport

to book 07484083820

Ultimate Quad Trek
Our ultimate quad trek takes you all over our stunning 180 acre of woodland It’s 9 miles of total quad biking fun. This is an epic adventure and thrilling experience. You really do cover some ground on this  quad trekking challenge. non -stop action

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